keep under wraps

keep (something) under wraps

To keep something secret. Keep this under wraps for now, but Greg is definitely the one getting the promotion.
See also: keep, wrap

keep something under wraps

Fig. to keep something concealed (until some future time). We kept the plan under wraps until after the election. The automobile company kept the new model under wraps until most of the old models had been sold.
See also: keep, wrap
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But the boys are just too good to keep under wraps.
since these undies are just too good to keep under wraps.
The government can even require businesses to disclose information about products that they would rather keep under wraps, if this would prevent misleading consumers.
ONE car the motor industry doesn't want you to see quite so early is the next-generation BMW 3-series, which the Bavarian firm was hoping to keep under wraps until next spring at the earliest.
THE Turf Club, determined to keep under wraps its alternative proposals for a new body to run Irish racing, has decided to circulate them to its members before revealing them to other industry bodies.
MANCHESTER United have tried to keep under wraps all the musings of their angry captain, but Predator hears that Roy Keane has: