keep (something) to (oneself)

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keep (something) to (oneself)

To not reveal or share some thought, idea, opinion, or piece of information with anyone else. I think it's best that we keep this to ourselves until we can determine what impact it will have. I don't want your advice, so if you have any suggestions, just keep them to yourself!
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Keep this to yourself.

a phrase introducing something that is meant to be a secret. Andy: Keep this to yourself, but I'm going to Bora Bora on my vacation. Henry: Sounds great. Can I go too? John: Keep this to yourself. Mary and I are breaking up. Sue: I won't tell a soul.
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keep to something

to adhere to an agreement; to follow a plan; to keep a promise. Please keep to the agreed-upon plan. Can you keep to what we agreed on?
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keep to

1. Adhere to, conform to, as in Let's keep to the original purpose of this will. [Early 1600s]
2. Confine oneself to, as in Whenever she didn't feel well, she kept to her bed. Also see keep to oneself.
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ˌkeep something to yourˈself

not tell other people about something: I don’t want John to know about this, so keep it to yourself. OPPOSITE: spread the word
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keep to

1. To refrain from venturing away from some place or activity: Because of the rain, the kids mostly kept to their rooms.
2. To adhere to some plan; stick with something: We should ignore these new projects and keep to the original purpose of our organization.
3. To remain private, unsociable, or uncommunicative. Used reflexively: The people at the party were not very friendly, so I kept to myself.
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keep to (oneself)

1. To shun the company of others: She kept to herself all morning.
2. To refrain from divulging: He kept the news to himself.
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Another from a Belfast reader said: "I'm a longterm DUP voter but keep this to myself.