keep (something) to (oneself)

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keep (something) to (oneself)

To not reveal or share some thought, idea, opinion, or piece of information with anyone else. I think it's best that we keep this to ourselves until we can determine what impact it will have. I don't want your advice, so if you have any suggestions, just keep them to yourself!
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Keep this to yourself.

a phrase introducing something that is meant to be a secret. Andy: Keep this to yourself, but I'm going to Bora Bora on my vacation. Henry: Sounds great. Can I go too? John: Keep this to yourself. Mary and I are breaking up. Sue: I won't tell a soul.
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keep to something

to adhere to an agreement; to follow a plan; to keep a promise. Please keep to the agreed-upon plan. Can you keep to what we agreed on?
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keep to

1. Adhere to, conform to, as in Let's keep to the original purpose of this will. [Early 1600s]
2. Confine oneself to, as in Whenever she didn't feel well, she kept to her bed. Also see keep to oneself.
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ˌkeep something to yourˈself

not tell other people about something: I don’t want John to know about this, so keep it to yourself. OPPOSITE: spread the word
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keep to

1. To refrain from venturing away from some place or activity: Because of the rain, the kids mostly kept to their rooms.
2. To adhere to some plan; stick with something: We should ignore these new projects and keep to the original purpose of our organization.
3. To remain private, unsociable, or uncommunicative. Used reflexively: The people at the party were not very friendly, so I kept to myself.
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keep to (oneself)

1. To shun the company of others: She kept to herself all morning.
2. To refrain from divulging: He kept the news to himself.
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'If I may speak for the Canadian ambassador, I think it is best we keep things to ourselves until the garbage is loaded on time,' Locsin replied.
He said the two governments are "exerting all efforts to get that done." "Deadline for the garbage to be onboard the ship taking it away is May 15 If I may speak for the Canadian ambassador, I think it is best we keep things to ourselves until the garbage is loaded on time," Locsin said in response to Canadian journalist Yvette Brend's tweet.
Asked if men's mental health issues were different to women's, he added: "In a way they are, because men are pretty insular - we keep things to ourselves and we don't open up about things.
Clinical psychologists have to perform multiple roles of counselors therapists and researchers so we have to keep things to ourselves remarked Dr Batool Fatima, Assistant Professor Human Development Program at the Aga Khan University.
More importantly, we don't sandbox and keep things to ourselves. When we have successes, we talk about them.
We all need reminding that sometimes it's best to keep things to ourselves. And it's also important not to take life too seriously.
He said: "We just want to keep things to ourselves."
This is about bearing in mind the consequences of what you say, and sometimes that means that we keep things to ourselves.
We don't want anything to leak out, so we'll keep things to ourselves, keep it as minimal of contact as possible.
'I always knew it was false - things always happen but we are a group and we keep things to ourselves.
Before we used to keep things to ourselves. Now we share our problems.
"We all keep things to ourselves at the dinner table but every training session you want to impress the manager and the coaching staff.
Now Leigh, who plays Dr Clodagh Delaney, has said: "The situation is that we are dating but we've only started going out so we're kind of trying to keep things to ourselves.