keep things straight

keep things straight (in one's mind)

Fig. to correctly distinguish one thing from other things. These two bottles look so much alike. It's hard to keep them straight.
See also: keep, straight, thing
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A dab of blue paint on the SERVICE connectors and red on the EMERGENCY pair will keep things straight the next time you hook 'em up.
Having established that setA[degrees] ting, Blomkamp then introduces us to Max (Damon), an exA[degrees]convict who works in a factory while tryA[degrees] ing to keep things straight and himself out of trouble.
They work very hard to keep things straight and help when you have a question or issue," he added.
One of the easiest ways to keep things straight is through signs and branding right in front of the bank branches.
To keep our readers up with the latest moves, Cheers inaugurates the Brand Scorecard, which we hope helps everyone keep things straight.
To keep things straight, we have had many reports of no problems and high satisfaction with the LibertySurf service.
He drifts between time and place, leaving the reader thumbing pages trying to keep things straight.
Whether you need to remember the items to pack in your backpack, or which assignments are due on Thursday, creating a to-do list can help keep things straight.
So we keep things straight forward and simple, so everyone understands.
The three workers assigned to the transcription room work in shifts of two, but their quarters are still so crowded it's hard to keep things straight.