keep the lid on (something)

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keep the lid on (something)

To quash or suppress something; to control something so as to keep it from flourishing, increasing, or succeeding. We need to keep the lid on rumors about the company going bankrupt. We decided to keep the lid on the project as we didn't have enough funds to see it through to the end.
See also: keep, lid, on

keep the lid on something


put the lid on something

COMMON If you keep the lid on or put the lid on a situation or problem, you keep it hidden or control it to stop it becoming worse. Murray was desperately trying to keep the lid on a potential scandal. We want the public to assist us in putting a lid on crime.
See also: keep, lid, on, something

keep/put a/the ˈlid on something

try to make sure that people do not do something or find out about something: The government wants to keep the lid on discussion of tax reforms at the moment.
See also: keep, lid, on, put, something