keep tab

keep a tab on (someone or something)

To routinely monitor or observe someone or something; to keep track of someone or something. It was revealed that the FBI had kept a tab on him for years due to his political activities in college. Please keep a tab on the amount of feedback we get so that we know how many people this issue affects.
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keep tab(s) (on someone or something)

 and keep track (of someone or something)
Fig. to monitor someone or something; to follow the activities of someone or something. I'm supposed to keep track of my books. Try to keep tabs on everyone who works for you. It's hard to keep tabs when you have a lot of other work to do. I can't keep track of the money I earn. Maybe someone else is spending it.
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''Yun ang ginawa nung 6th Infantry Batallion, to keep tabs on MILF members.
A Saudi mobile app, Masareef, that allows users to keep tabs on where their money goes every month, is being downloaded every two minutes.
The latest research indicates that ongoing CBCs really aren't necessary, and that, GGT (gamma-glutamyl transferase), which is liver specific, is a far better option than ALT/ AST to keep tabs on the liver.
His form has not gone unnoticed and Klopp will keep tabs on the France-born star before deciding whether or not to take his pp keep tabs on th t e France-born star before deciding whether or not to take his interest in the player any further.
Every year Google's Santa Tracker allows everyone to keep tabs on Santa and his reindeer as they go about their annual festive mission.
Claims that the ID card would allow police to keep tabs on fans are nonsensical.
The Arsenal boss watched Schneiderlin in France's final group match with Ecuador and has detailed his scouts to keep tabs on the 24-year-old.
London, Sept 7 ( ANI ): Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants to add to his collection of Germans by raiding the Bundesliga for another midfielder, and has told his scouts to keep tabs on long-term targets Ilkay Gundogan of Borussia Dortmund and Lars Bender of Bayer Leverkusen.
You can keep tabs on all of them with our bill tracker.
related applications that make it easy to keep tabs on your calorie
To keep tabs on school and other closures, go to
In an era of newsmaking product recalls, a company's product lifecycle management system offers a way to keep tabs on suppliers and products.
ONCE again I find myself being drawn into replying to a nonsense letter regarding smokers (Must Keep Tabs On Litterbug Smokers, 11.06.07).
Science minister Malcolm Wicks said technology could be used to help families keep tabs on frail or elderly relatives.
As a result, I decided to come up the middle to keep tabs on them both, and that definitely assisted our cause.