keep sight of

keep sight of (someone or something)

1. To position oneself to be able to see someone or something. Keep sight of the thief while I call the police.
2. To remember or remind oneself of something. If you don't keep sight of your goal, you'll give up before you can ever achieve it.
See also: keep, of, sight

keep sight of someone or something

to keep someone or something in view. Try to keep sight of the skier. I want to keep sight of the children at all times.
See also: keep, of, sight

keep sight of somebody/something


keep somebody/something in sight

1 stay in a position where you can see somebody/something: If you keep the tower in sight, you won’t get lost.
2 remain aware of something; not forget something: It’s important to keep sight of the fact that you have a small chance of winning.
References in classic literature ?
Godfrey was standing a little way off, not to admire his brother's dancing, but to keep sight of Nancy, who was seated in the group, near her father.
It is important to keep sight of your dog at all times when you are in a public space so that your dog is safe and also so you can see when and where they poo - you can only pick it up if you can find it
Help the company test its strategic assumptions and keep sight of how the big picture is changing.
Know your own value, and keep sight of who and what really matters.
Keep sight of your pet by using an LED collar and leash such as the Squeaker Poochlight.
nerfect': Wearing could help you perfectionism Remember to keep sight of the big picture.
I get it though, the class divide is now worse than ever, we all struggle to find ourselves or to keep sight of who we are, etc etc.
In the top flight Aberdeen are doing their best to keep sight of Celtic while in League One it's nip and tuck between Dunfermline and Ayr.
This will help you keep sight of your goals while making sure your health needs don't get lost in the process.
In parallel with those efforts, al-Halqi said, the government will continue the track of national reconciliations and keep sight of the issue of the missing, abductees and detainees to have their issues tackled.
I have a coffee shop and people are even coming in via Facebook to speak to me about sightings which is amazing but what we need is people to have our number handy and call us when they have sight of him and to keep sight of him so we can head over hopefully bring him in as it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack," she said.
United are currently fifth in the table and will face Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday as they look to keep sight of leaders Arsenal in the league.
As I continued to look over my shoulder to keep sight of my lead, I was still unaware of my increasing nose-low attitude.