keep chair

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keep one's chair

 and keep one's seat
Fig. to stay seated; to remain in one's chair or place. That's all right. Keep your chair. I'll find my own way out. Please keep your seats until after the question-and-answer period.
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Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president Shehbaz Sharif will keep seat from Lahore's NA-132 constituency.
FURTHER to the Gazette article (29.05.14) 'I can keep seat says town MP.' Anyone that has studied politics from the inside and the outside will know that a week is a long time in politics, and 50 weeks is an even longer time, on the run up to the May 2015 local and national elections.
Carter Fights to Keep Seat in HD-102 Runoff: "Stefani Carter might have had an easy time seeking re-election to the House.
The important companies mainly include those holdings that secure influence on strategic and development decisions, keep seat in Slovenia, or secure productive jobs.The last category is under no obligation to preserve any controlling stake; however, their management will be subject to "strictly economic criteria".
It is also likely that the carrier will eventually switch its Gatwick and Manchester flights to A380s as well to keep seat availability up and pressurise its rivals, Ahmad added.
The union cautions travellers to listen to the flight attendants, and pay attention to all crew instructions as well as the safety briefing, and to keep seat belts fastened during the entire flight -- even if the seat belt sign is off.
Personally, if I had been there, the "keep seat belts fastened" sign wouldn't have meant squat to me.
The Federal Aviation Administration wants airline passengers to stay in their seats and keep seat belts fastened throughout the flight.
A post-takeoff advice from the crew to keep seat belts fastened was not given in Japanese even though most of the passengers were Japanese, resulting in more extensive damage than would have been otherwise, the NTSB said in a recent report.
We think it's time for the airlines to do more than urge passengers to keep seat belts fastened at ALL times, even when there is no obvious turbulence at hand.
All in all, the third arrival to the Leon family is likely to make quite an impact and help keep Seat on course to another record sales year.
BSM's top tips for loading the holiday gear and driving a packed car are: load low to reduce rollover crashes; securely fit roof racks or boxes and keep them light; keep seat belts clear; store items in the car to prevent them moving about; increase tyre pressures with loading; remember that acceleration, steering and braking are adversely affected by heavy loads.
SF's Martin Ferris was in trouble recently over a drink driving charge but should keep seat. Labour has a strong candidate in Terry O'Brien but he might just miss out.
Senate passed legislation to keep seats and legroom space on airplanes from shrinking.
A clearly irritated official warned the gathered Huddersfield Town and Milwall fans: "If all of you KEEP SEATED all can see the GAME IN COMFORT."