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The post Minister urged to keep promise to hunger strikers appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
He said that gas utilities are harassing CNG operators unnecessarily while government has failed to keep promise of reopening CNG stations in Punjab by March 15th.
MP Urges Russia Keep Promise to Supply High-grade S300 Air Defense Missiles
The difference is this: we keep promises even when we are not getting what we have coming.
I know they had a dispute with the construction company, but they never keep promises,'' Rubin said.
Quovadx also ranked highest among users in response to questions such as "Does the vendor keep promises," "Is the technology easy to implement" and "Does the solution work as promoted.
But this is only for now, when the coalition is formed, when they will have to keep promises they made before," she suggested.
At Old Dominion, our company's position is 'Helping the World Keep Promises,' and we could not deliver on our pledge if we did not have the right technology in place," said David Congdon, president and CEO of Old Dominion Freight Line.
Sir, - I find it incredible that despite having a small army of advisers and spin-doctors, the Prime Minister is seemingly not yet aware that the substantial support given by ordinary people to the fuel protest was in fact a spontaneous criticism of him and his government for a variety of reasons: eg failure to keep promises made before the election and the disgraceful treatment of pensioners.
Angry doctors claim successive Governments since 1991 have failed to keep promises to reduce their excessive working hours.
Answering no would sound like I don't keep promises.
Those taxes must remain near current rates for decades to keep promises already made.
is The French striker (below) publicly questioned his future in January, accusing the Welsh club of failing to keep promises over his amount of playing time as he tried to force a Liberty Stadium exit.
The Chancellor suggested they had failed to keep promises to improve lending facilities in return for massive taxpayer support.
They must keep promises to end this devastating trade.