keep (oneself) busy

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keep (oneself) busy

To remain occupied (with something); to ensure that one is not idle or bored. I found that I had to keep myself busy while I was grieving. I just couldn't bear to sit still, or else I would start thinking about everything that happened. I bought a bunch of coloring books and board games so the kids can keep themselves busy during the break from school.
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keep busy

1. To stay active and engaged in many pursuits. I haven't seen you in so long! Have you been keeping busy? A: "How have you been?" B: "Oh, you know, keeping busy. That's what happens when you have three kids!" I try to keep busy when I'm off during the summer, but many days I find myself just wallowing in the pool.
2. To ensure that one is occupied. In this usage, a person's name or pronoun appears between "keep" and "busy." Keep the kids busy while I wrap these presents. I've been trying to keep myself busy while I look for a job, but I won't lie, the days are long. I'm sure all this homework will keep you busy.
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keep yourself ˈbusy

find enough things to do: Since she retired she’s kept herself very busy.
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Nobody, except God, can say how many more years we have left, so we have to keep ourselves busy with whatever makes us happy, fulfilled and meaningful to society.
By: these festivals we can not only keep ourselves busy in positive activities but also get international players to take part in national competitions.
We should keep ourselves busy in one or some other constructive activity.
She told us to work hard and keep ourselves busy but never ever sacrifice our health.
We love to keep ourselves busy and hope that the weather once again is on our side.
She added: "My brother Yazun and myself keep ourselves busy to avoid thinking about hunger.
we'd play Monopoly or whatever and just keep ourselves busy. If we were together now I suppose we'd all just be on social media."
"We are unable sleep properly and always keep ourselves busy at night so that we don't sleep.
He said: "We have to keep ourselves busy. If we stop, we slope into a moping attitude.
We are still in shock, still devastated - my mum's not coping very well, but we try to keep ourselves busy."
A CERTAIN age group of wifies feel guilty if we don't do the washing-up or dust or iron or knit or sew and keep ourselves busy.
"The reality is only starting to hit home now after the trial and it is best to keep ourselves busy.