keep (one's) options open

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keep (one's) options open

To refrain from making a decision or commitment that will limit one's choices in the future. You're awfully young to be getting married. I just think you should keep your options open until you're finished with college. They've offered me a good salary if I stay with the company, but I think I'd like to keep my options open.
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keep (or leave) your options open

avoid committing yourself.
1996 Colin Bateman Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men Have it your way. We'll go to Princetown. But I'm keeping my options open. If there's any more trouble…we're out, we're home.
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keep/leave (all) your ˈoptions open

avoid making a decision now so that you still have a choice in the future: Doing business with him is sometimes quite stressful. He likes to keep all his options open until the very last minute.
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While giving interview to foreign news outlet on Sunday, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that we keep our options open and we are not depending on US for military requirements as we are having Chinese, European weapons and recently we indicted some Russian helicopters.
Mr Blair told Murnaghan on Sky News: "One of the reasons why we should keep our options open is that yes, the referendum expressed the will of the people, but the will of the people is entitled to change.
TONY Blair has begged Britain's next Prime Minister to "keep our options open" over leaving the EU.
Having got this far, it makes sense to keep our options open."
"But, at this time of year, we have to keep our options open like everyone else," said manager Richard Evans.
"As far as Dubai is concerned, the owners still want to keep our options open."
Challenged by Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, Mr Blair insisted: 'We should keep our options open ...'
''The United States is very clear that we are going to keep our options open. Everyone at this point should be pressing the North Koreans to stop doing what they're doing,'' Rice told reporters.
"I'm not saying we are going to make a recess appointment," Socarides said, "but we certainly want to keep our options open."
"We'll keep our options open with Blowing Wind - he could be prepared for the Champion Hurdle next season or go novice chasing."
"As that becomes clear, if it's clear that these terms are bad for us, if we have major parts of business and the financial sector saying look this is not a good deal for us, if people start to worry about their jobs, we should just keep our options open.
But a club statement said: "We have registered an interest in the Olympic Stadium site in order to keep our options open. We have not changed our position and shall not do so without due consideration and consultation."
We have decided that we want to keep our options open and to assess how things go in the early weeks of the season."
"We'll leave him in both the Champion and the Supreme Novices' Hurdle to keep our options open," the trainer said.
Team chairman Cllr John McNicholas (Lab, Lower Stoke) called for further reports and said: ''We need to keep our options open. It's absolutely clear if we say no then we close a door on tomorrow.