keep (one's) head

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keep (one's) head

To be and remain in a calm, stable, sensible, and pragmatic state or condition despite stress. My father has always been a rock of level-headed judgment and advice. Even during our family's lowest points, he's always kept his head.
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keep one's head

Fig. to remain calm and sensible when in an awkward situation that might cause a person to panic or go out of control. She was very angry. We had to calm her down and encourage her to keep her head. Always try to keep your head when others are panicking.
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keep one's head

1. Stay calm, retain self-control, as in When the rowboat capsized, George yelled that everyone should keep their head and hold onto the boat . This usage dates from the early 1600s and is about two centuries older than the antonym, lose one's head, meaning "to become confused and agitated," as in Whenever the stock market goes down sharply, people seem to lose their heads and sell.
2. keep one's head above water. See head above water.
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keep your head

COMMON If you keep your head, you remain calm in a difficult situation. Keep your head. A calm presence is an invaluable asset. The most important thing is to keep your head and focus on what you are doing. Compare with lose your head.
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keep (or lose) your head

remain (or fail to remain) calm.
1990 Time He claims that Quayle rises to the challenge, takes chances but keeps his head.
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keep your ˈhead

think clearly and remain calm: If there is a robbery, you should try to keep your head and do as you are told.
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We can't keep our head under the ground, marginalizing the impact of what women bring to the table.
We have the ability to keep our head and win this one tonight," declared McCarthy, on the eve of his biggest test.
We just have to keep our head up and go up there and try to get a good win for us,'' Diawara said.
We're disappointed but I thought we did really well so we can keep our heads up going into the next game.
Chairman Rod Kent told the investors present: "If we keep our heads, we will get through it.
The only way we keep our heads above water is by our own fundraising and a few grants.
So we have to play it a bit cool and keep our heads.
We generally keep our heads down and our noses to the grindstone, so it is very gratifying to look up and realize that our work has received this kind of recognition," said David Mandl, who co-founded the firm with Marvin H.
It was a last minute decision to keep our heads down.
If they score first, then we have to keep our heads and still use our speed to get in behind their defense and score.
Said Mathis, one of the forwards: ``We gotta keep our heads high.
So we just have to keep our heads up because the games are closer.
All we need to do is keep our heads up and keep playing like we know how to.
We knew we had to keep our heads up and play with some confidence.
The ejection just caused us to keep our heads in the game and pay attention," he said.