keep (one's) hand in (something)

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keep (one's) hand in (something)

1. To remain involved in something, often in a minor role or capacity. Joe insists on keeping his hand in the company, even though he has no real authority at this point.
2. To continue to do something in order to maintain a particular skill or ability. I've mostly stopped acting, but I will do a play occasionally, just to keep my hand in.
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keep one's hand in (something)

Fig. to remain involved in something, perhaps only a token involvement. I want to keep my hand in things even after I retire. I always have to keep my hand in so I will feel a part of things.
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keep one's hand in

see under have a hand in.
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keep your hand in

If you keep your hand in, you use skills which you have developed in the past, so that you do not lose them. I had to wait two years before I was offered another part, and just to keep my hand in, I went on tour with a play that wasn't very good. Words — written words — were what mattered to him, and he kept his hand in writing books and magazine articles.
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keep your ˈhand in

practise a skill occasionally, so that you do not lose it: The director likes to teach a class occasionally, just to keep her hand in.
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