keep opinions to

keep (one's) opinions to (oneself)

To refrain from sharing one's unwanted or unsolicited opinions. A: "I just think this stuff about tobacco being bad for you is a bunch of nonsense." B: "Oh, keep your opinions to yourself, you old fool. No one asked you." She never hesitates to tell someone that they're wrong or to offer condescending advice. I just wish she'd keep her opinions to herself for a change.
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keep one's opinions to (oneself)

to stop mentioning one's own opinions, especially when they disagree with someone else's. You ought to keep your opinions to yourself rather than upset our guests. Please keep your rude opinions to yourself!
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He has pushed the poor thing into the spotlight to be dissected by every Royal-obsessive and silly snob who thinks princes should only date public schoolgirls who keep opinions to themselves.
Ryan Tubridy and Ray D'Arcy may have to keep opinions to themselves
Most people need to be liked and rather than rock the boat, can tend to keep opinions to themselves; especially in times of conflict.
"That's why the boys are being told to keep opinions to themselves so people's houses don't start getting burned down."
To find out more 0901 5643577 SCORPIO (Oct 24/Nov 22): Current tensions come to a head and you won't be able to keep opinions to yourself.
Readers wrote in this week reacting to a piece about the Seattle Times editor telling reporters to keep opinions to themselves.