get/keep somebody onside

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get (someone) onside

To gain someone's support or approval. If we can get the CEO onside, it would definitely help us to further this initiative.
See also: get, onside

keep (someone) onside

To maintain someone's support or approval. If we want to expand our initiative, then we definitely need to keep the CEO onside.
See also: keep, onside

get/keep somebody onˈside

get/keep somebody’s support: The government needs to keep the major national newspapers onside to help win votes in the election.
See also: get, keep, onside, somebody
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He lines up off an 11lb higher mark now and while he has a lengthy absence to overcome, Richard Guest's charge looks a progressive individual whom it could pay to keep onside.
Progress in Brussels is vital to help May keep onside nervous businesses who say they urgently need to know what will happen when Britain leaves the bloc; otherwise they will be forced to start triggering contingency plans.
While this allows Hamas to keep onside some of its hardliners who will not be happy at the idea of accepting a Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines, it also means that the group cannot fully change its image in the eyes of Israelis and western governments who accuse it of hatred and intransigence.
It would appear unlikely she will win a race this year, but she should be one to keep onside when she gets a handicap mark early next season.
Giles Morgan, the head of HSBC's sponsorship division and therefore one of the key players golf must keep onside, has accurately stressed as much.
However, while that trio hold no secrets from the assessor, Double Up is open to plenty of improvement and is a sprinter to keep onside on a sound surface.
Although his superiority was exaggerated by heavy ground, the way James Doyle's mount powered clear to score by eight lengths suggested he'd be a horse to keep onside this season.
He showed a nice attitude to score last time and is one to keep onside.
The crowd once again had cause to celebrate a minute from the interval whistle when Neymar, doing well to keep onside, received an Oscar pass to the left of the Spain area.
In recent days much of Morrell's attention has been devoted to contract talks with players he hopes to keep onside, despite having an extremely limited budget with which to work.
Lost a tight battle with the assistant referee to keep onside as he loitered around the shoulder of the last defender.
Tony Blair has always insisted Britain must keep onside with America so he can influence his opposite number in the White House.
All man-agers have this dilemma and it's no hardship to sympathise with Steve Bruce as he tries to square the circle between distilling the philosophies of fairness that he showed as an honest, competitive defender who took, and gave the knocks out in the same uncomplaining manner, with his desire to keep onside with one of his most gifted players.
Eula Varner is one keep onside as she steps into handicap company for the first time in the EBF totequadpot Insure Your Placepot Last Four Fillies' Handicap.
Eula Varner is one to keep onside as she steps into handicap company for the first time in the EBF totequadpot Insure Your Placepot Last Four Fillies' Handicap.