keep (one's) hair on

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keep (one's) hair on

To remain patient and calm, especially when beginning to become angry or upset with impatience. Usually said as an imperative. Primarily heard in UK. Yeah, yeah, keep your hair on! I'll have the report finished by the end of the day! A: "That lady is pestering us about getting her car back today." B: "We need another day to get it fixed. Tell her to keep her hair on!"
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keep your hair on

If someone tells you to keep your hair on, they are telling you in a forceful way to calm down and not be angry or impatient. `All right, keep your hair on,' Ralph said with a shrug. Note: The usual American expression is keep your shirt on.
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keep your hair on!

used to urge someone not to panic or lose their temper. British informal
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keep your ˈhair on

(also keep your ˈshirt on less frequent) (British English, informal) used for telling somebody who is angry or very excited about something to keep calm: Keep your hair on, Mum. You can hardly see the damage.Keep your shirt on! We’ve got plenty of time to get to the airport.
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