keep on at

keep (going) on at (one)

To persist in reprimanding or criticizing one. If you keep going on at the investors, they're apt to get angry and leave.
See also: keep, on

keep on at (one)

To nag one about something. The doctor always keeps on at me about eating better. Ugh, my mom keeps on at me all the time about my grades, but I just have no interest in the classes I'm taking this semester.
See also: keep, on

keep (going) on at someone or something

to continue to complain about or scold someone or a group. Don't keep going on at him. Give him the dickens and be done with it. Please don't keep on at the committee. They did the best they could.
See also: keep, on

be/go/keep ˈon at somebody (to do something)

(informal, disapproving) keep criticizing somebody or telling them what to do, etc: He keeps on at her all the time about her smoking.
See also: go, keep, on, somebody