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Franklin and me at the Shivering Sand--with this difference, that I took care to keep my own counsel about the jugglers, seeing that nothing had happened to justify me in alarming my lady on this head.
I can keep my own counsel when there's no good i' speaking."
Like a lot of Tories I will keep my own counsel and vote with my conscience on May 23.
But I always try to keep my own counsel. That's the way I have always been and that's the way I will continue to be."
Nadir felt hard done by but I'll keep my own counsel as we got enough bookings and it's important I don't follow suit."
"I'll let them voice their opinions in public and I'll do what I normally do, keep my own counsel, and we will wait and see what happens.
"I have got my own thoughts on what went wrong and sometimes I think I should keep my own counsel," he said.
But I had a young wife and decided to keep my own counsel, and as a result got ripped to bits by every woman journalist Jenny spoke to - none of whom ever rang to find out if there were two sides to the story.
Mullins, who sent out the Peter Partridge-owned gelding to win three times over fences and finish a creditable fourth to Azertyuiop in the Arkle Trophy at the Cheltenham Festival, said: "I would prefer to keep my own counsel at present."