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If I could get off with twenty thousand, I'd keep my head up.
Asked if he would remain in the dugout or patrol the technical area, McLeish replied: "I'll probably keep my head down and let the fans concentrate on supporting the players.
Teale said: "I'll keep my head down and hope to prove I should be there again next time.
We have four months to turn this thing around and I have to keep my head up and try to take advantage of every opportunity I get until I get it right.
I've just got to keep my head down and continue working hard - and that's what I intend to do.
I want to stay on my feet and keep my head on my shoulders.
For the remainder of my chemotherapy I turned to marijuana to keep my head out of the toilet.
I'm just trying to keep my head up and stay positive,'' Fey said.
Wright-Phillips said: ``Af-ter I scored against the Ukraine, my dad just said to me to keep my head focused, to keep patient and to keep my performances high and hopefully my chance would come soon.
Hopefully, next year will turn out quite a bit better than this year has, and I'll keep working away at it and keep my head up,'' Hornish said.
I have to keep my head on straight and keep my confidence up,'' he said.
I just have to keep my head on straight and keep on working hard and keep concentrating.