keep in mind that

keep (it) in mind that

a statement emphasizing something that the speaker wants remembered. Bill: When we get there I want to take a long hot shower. Father: Keep it in mind that we are guests, and we have to fit in with the routines of the household. Sally: Keep it in mind that you don't work here anymore, and you just can't go in and out of offices like that. Fred: I guess you're right.
See also: keep, mind, that
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Also, keep in mind that you'll need to find ways to display portal information across traditional PC screens, wireless notebooks and handhelds, and even smart phones.
Keep in mind that you can also create your own cake and ice cream combinations as well.
Keep in mind that you can glean valuable insights about vendors not only from their responses to the RFP, but through their level of participation and interest in the RFP process as a whole.
Keep in mind that their implementation is most likely a proprietary one, since no standard for XML presentation has yet been finalized.
Further, in doing yoga, keep in mind that you are working only with the self and there is no competition with yoga.
Judge Baer concluded "Clearly, in some of the institutions the plumbing is deplorable, but one must keep in mind that we are dealing with prisons juxtaposed with the tests set out in the applicable caselaw.
We have to keep in mind that the cycle will be there' he said.
WELL, BEFORE YOU bet the farm on the success of your new e-business, keep in mind that generating traffic, let alone cash flow, is going to take some serious time, strategy, marketing--and money.
Keep in mind that punches are a terrific way to serve large or small crowds as they streamline the bartender's chores.
Keep in mind that multiple Patriots were fired at each scud, and still less than 60 percent were destroyed.