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It's in their interest to keep house prices artificially high and this could result in Nama paying too much for the bad loans the banks will be transferring to it.
Keep house plants in great condition with this care kit
The woman's job was to keep house and bring up the family and a good job most made of it.
Included in lease is right to keep House Boat on site, and to harvest stone crabs.
PARENTS struggle to keep houses clean once kids come along, it has been revealed.
They keep houses warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which reduces energy bills, they clean our air, they look great, they increase the value of your home and it's been shown that having trees in an area makes people happier.
People power wins battle to keep houses off field' (19.
Thomson did well to recover the save as he pounced on the ball to keep Houses ace Carter from reaching it.
The judges were further distressed when the CCPO himself admitted that the system had indeed failed to keep houses from being torched.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- An Arab expatriate has developed a machine that converts domestic waste into energy to keep houses warm during winter and produce warm water for daily use.
The South Coast Air Quality Management District sent out voluntary guidelines encouraging cities and counties to keep houses, hospitals and schools at least 500 feet from freeways.
It also releases moisture under warm conditions so it actually helps to keep houses cool in summer.
If they want to keep houses empty and deprive the local families of homes then they should at least have to pay for the consequences of their actions