keep honest

keep someone honest

to manage to make someone behave honestly and fairly and tell the truth. I love to tell about our vacations, and my wife is usually with me to keep me honest.
See also: honest, keep
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We're helping keep honest people honest," said Rick West, CEO and Co-founder of Field Agent.
We wanted to keep honest, industrial materials and give the place its own eclectic look," said Everett Katigbak, the Facebook designer overseeing the facility, as he showed off the first of 10 structures to be occupied at the one million-square-foot (93,000-square-metre) complex.
In between, two versions of the awe-inspiring, mid-engined Clio Renaultsport V6 continued to keep honest a whole host of exotic sports saloons and supercars costing up to five times the price.
The charge stated his "wilful neglect" of his duties was "without reasonable excuse or justification" and "included failing to keep honest records" of welfare checks on those in the cells and "failing to make such visits as required".
They're a tough team with plenty of good characters and I'm sure they'll hit us hard in Durban and we've got to make sure we're up for that challenge and keep honest with ourselves.
The fact that Bolton do so often collapse eventually will encourage David O'Leary's side to keep honest even if an early breakthrough doesn't come.
Simply put, proper controls keep honest people honest.
Paus is a pocket passer, but McCann's running ability gives the Bruins a wrinkle off play action and an option threat to keep honest the eight-man fronts the Bruins have seen for two years.
To examine this national craving, we recruited two women and asked them to keep honest diaries of their food intake - including snacks.
If you explain that your e-mail is for business purposes, it will keep personal correspondence to a minimum and keep honest people honest," says Cheryl Currid of Currid & Co.
To keep honest citizens from mistaking the new company for a legitimate phone service provider, investigators operated strictly on a referral basis.
largest state-regulated utility) by trying to keep honest accounting of such illegal taxing and spending off the books and not annually reported in Total State Revenues," noted McMaster.
ARGUMENTS turn to passion if you can keep honest talking to the fore.