keep head

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keep (one's) head

To be and remain in a calm, stable, sensible, and pragmatic state or condition despite stress. My father has always been a rock of level-headed judgment and advice. Even during our family's lowest points, he's always kept his head.
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keep one's head

Fig. to remain calm and sensible when in an awkward situation that might cause a person to panic or go out of control. She was very angry. We had to calm her down and encourage her to keep her head. Always try to keep your head when others are panicking.
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We need to keep heads up and think about the next game.
I knew how to keep heads up and keep confidence high.
His goal is to keep up with trends rather than being reactionary--a wise philosophy for credit unions to adopt, although lately so much is happening in technology, regulation and other areas, it's hard to keep heads above water without scale.
Part-time work might be taking people off the Government's jobseeker lists, but it is barely enough to provide sufficient household income to keep heads above water.
When first quarter figures are published it will be clearer if such cost cutting measures have helped keep heads above water.
Above all, one must commend the great efforts exerted by the Arab League Secretary Amr Musa who diligently flew back and forth to Beirut to keep heads cool.
Another strategy to keep heads above water involved a 5 percent price increase on Italian-made products beginning last month, according to Fred Starr, chief executive officer of Natuzzi Americas.
No matter what the activity, the game's infectious soundtrack will keep heads bobbing and faces smiling as players test their rhythmic skills.
Supporters of part-time and amateur clubs nationwide are united in the shared knowledge of the sacrifices needed to keep heads above water.
While Casualty and Holby keep heads above water at the Beeb, CSI and Law and Order do the trick over at Five.
Rob recalls: "After being thrown in at the deep end, my first job was simply to keep heads above water.