keep harping on

keep harping on (someone or something)

1. To continue to discuss, mention, or gripe about something in a very persistent and irritating manner. I wish you would stop harping on my mistake. I said I was sorry! He said he liked the movie, but then he kept harping on all the problems he had with it.
2. To pester or harass someone frequently or continually (about something). My parents keep harping on me to try harder in school, but I just don't care about any of my classes. I don't want to keep harping on you about this issue, but I really need it to be resolved today.
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keep harping on something

to continue to talk or complain about something; to keep raising a topic of conversation. (See also harp on something.) Why do you keep harping on the same old complaint? You keep harping on my problems and ignore your own!
See also: harp, keep, on
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