mount/stand/keep guard

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stand guard

Watch over, act as a lookout, as in We'll climb the tree and get the apples if Josh will stand guard, or There's a parking space; stand guard while I make a U-turn and get to it. This term alludes to the military defense of posting guards to watch for the enemy.
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mount/stand/keep ˈguard (over somebody/something)

act as a guard: Two soldiers stood guard over the captured weapons.
See also: guard, keep, mount, stand

stand guard

1. To keep watch.
2. To act as a sentinel.
See also: guard, stand
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Counterfeit goods also flourish at dozens of car boot and street sales and again youngsters are paid to keep guard while their bosses attempt to unload tobacco and other black market goods.
Following a series of attacks on cars during masses, priests have drummed up a posse to keep guard while services are on.
Two friars of equally determined spirit, joined by two young men, began to keep guard over the cemetery where the miserable priest lay buried.
BANK RAID: Barclays at the university campus where raiders struck and (left and right) police keep guard and search for clues at the scene of the crime
When I first started they were held in a wooden hut by the cattle ring with a watchman to keep guard of them overnight.
EMERGENCY ALERT Armed police officers keep guard at Serbian government buildings after Prime Minister Zoran Djindic, top right, was assassinated.
Police keep guard at the back entrance to the flat in Wood Green High Road, North London, where traces of ricin were found yesterday
The Fire Department encourages a strategy similar to designated drivers - a designated watcher whose job is to keep guard over the kids in the pool.
Police will keep guard around the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo's Minato Ward, restrict traffic and check vehicles on metropolitan expressways while the Chinese leader stays in Tokyo until Saturday, the department said.
MOHAMMED RASOOLDEEN Saudi security forces keep guard in Manfouha, southern Riyadh, in this file photo.
It was indicated that the gang assigned some drug addicts around the shelter to keep guard.
We have asked the state chief secretary to engage the village watchmen on duty to keep guard the school hand pumps," Kumar told the media on Monday evening reacting to reports of continual poisoning of water facilities in schools, leaving scores of children sick every day.