keep going

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keep (one) going

To give one enough energy, sustenance, etc., until one gets what one truly needs or wants. Lost for days in the woods, we had to eat bugs and edible roots to keep us going. I am so anxious for the new movie in the series to come out this winter that I'm reading the novels again to keep me going.
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keep someone or something going

to sustain someone or something. I try to eat just enough food to keep me going. Enjoying food is just not an issue any more.
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ˌkeep ˈgoing

1 make an effort to live normally when you are in a difficult situation or when you have experienced great suffering: You just have to keep yourself busy and keep going.
2 (spoken) used to encourage somebody to continue doing something: Keep going, Sarah, you’re nearly there.
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"We have to keep going with the confidence and belief that if something changes a little bit, we will be there again winning games in a row."
We're all disappointed but have just got to keep going and keep our heads up and hopefully we will pick up points.
In these three years, no matter what happens, I will keep going. The challenge is to turn around our magazine next year."
"We've dialed up the humor and have showcased the Energizer Bunny for what he represents to so many people--an inspiration to keep going, to never quit," says Jeff Ziminski, vice president of marketing for North America.
It needs support desperately to keep going. You should join it, perhaps, and become the regional representative by starting a local action group (your committee of 3 or 4 adults).
This is the first book in a series; if it circulates, keep going!
Keep going! Before you know it, you will become masterful in breathing with ease.
It is sometimes so discouraging to be living in the United States at this time, but you have inspired me to keep going in the hope that this sad period of neocon rule will not last forever, and the will of the people will once again be known.
The influence of those guys made it possible for him to keep going in a sport he loved.
Where do they find the energy and enthusiasm to keep going? 'The public still want us,' says Edith.
Drowne, first jockey to Mick Channon, had a previous best score of 80, but he has easily eclipsed that mark this year and, with the maiden 100 now in the bag, he intends to keep going for a while yet before resting on his laurels.
You just do your preventive maintenance on it, and it will keep going," Giesbrecht states.
The book makes the point well, focusing on faith and the `black love' found among black families--blood relatives and otherwise--who provide the strength and support to keep going when bad things happen.
Feed and Suck, two of the Web's longest-lived magazines, announced on June 8 that they had suspended publication and laid off their small staffs because they couldn't raise the funds necessary to keep going. Between the two magazines, a total of 19 people lost their jobs.