keep faith with (someone or something)

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keep faith with (someone or something)

To maintain loyalty to someone or something; to keep one's promises. Do you trust Ralph? Do you think he'll be able to keep faith with us when people start pressuring him to do the opposite?
See also: faith, keep

keep faith with someone

to be loyal to someone. I intend to keep faith with my people and all they stand for. We could not keep faith with them any longer.
See also: faith, keep

break/keep ˈfaith with somebody

break/keep a promise that you have made to somebody; stop/continue being loyal to somebody: The government claims they have kept faith with the people by reducing the crime rate.
See also: break, faith, keep, somebody
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But with Victor Valdes absent, Agnew said he always intended to keep faith with US international Brad Guzan between the posts, despite the outgoing keeper coming under fire from sections of supporters following last week's 3-0 defeat at Chelsea.
As you keep faith with us, under President Trump, we will always keep faith with you,"(https://www.
And I think our supporters know the situation well enough to keep faith with us.
All we've got to do is work hard in training and put in performances, and hopefully it'll sway the manager and he'll keep faith with us.
We'd like to be identified with a club who used some of our money to keep faith with us.
So long as the supporters keep faith with us, we will get gate receipts and bar takings from the clubhouse, which will help us financially.
I know they pay a lot of money to come and watch these games and so they are entitled to air their opinions but when things aren't quite going so well I would just ask them to be patient and keep faith with us.