keep faith with (someone or something)

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keep faith with (someone or something)

To maintain loyalty to someone or something; to keep one's promises. Do you trust Ralph? Do you think he'll be able to keep faith with us when people start pressuring him to do the opposite?
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keep faith with someone

to be loyal to someone. I intend to keep faith with my people and all they stand for. We could not keep faith with them any longer.
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break/keep ˈfaith with somebody

break/keep a promise that you have made to somebody; stop/continue being loyal to somebody: The government claims they have kept faith with the people by reducing the crime rate.
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Former world champion Michael Schumacher, the sport's most successful driver, has urged Formula One to keep faith with one system rather than tinker constantly.
Kelly suffered a calf injury the previous week against Shamrock Rovers, and manager Pat Dolan decided to keep faith with one of his latest recruits, young James Gallagher.
But after a closing round 66 at Penina that lifted him well up the leaderboard, Woosnam is now determined to keep faith with one method.