keep eyes

keep (one's) eye(s) open (for someone or something)

To remain vigilant or carefully watchful (for something or someone). They should be arriving any minute, so keep your eyes open. Keep your eye open for a birthday gift we could give your mother. Tell everyone to keep their eyes open for the health inspector. We heard she'll be doing a surprise inspection someday soon.
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keep (one's) eyes

To be on the lookout.
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A youth Owais said that he always uses sunglasses while driving motorcycle to avoid air pressure and keep eyes safe from dust.
Store director Andrew McGonagle and optical assistants Jennifer and Janice Dornan led a talk on eye health and the importance of managing sight loss, which included providing recommendations and advice on how to keep eyes as healthy as possible.
There was dire need to keep eyes on anti-state elements and stressed the departments concerned to remain alert during Muharram 9 and 10, he said.
It may seem unnecessary to some, but eye doctors check more than just vision and can help keep eyes healthy into old age." Regular eye exams are important for more than just checking vision.
Something to keep eyes on as we head into what looks like another sharp down day for equities.
-Always exercise caution and keep eyes closed if aerosol products are used while wearing lenses, until the spray has settled.
Designed to keep eyes lubricated and comfortable during sleep, Retaine PM is a preservative-free, oil-based formula that, significantly, is packaged in a 5-gram EconoTube.
The ointment contains vitamin A, and is designed to keep eyes comfortable and hydrated for up to six hours.
As per details, Political Administration of Mohmand Agency issued order today, warning local resident, shopkeepers and Levies force to keep eyes on suspicious person here in Ghalanai.
The American Academy of Ophthalmology, too, suggests a few foods to keep eyes healthy.
In the very near future this means that the car systems would be able to supplement our driving habits with additional help and automatically keep eyes on the road even if we are too distracted.
Keep eyes hydrated by sipping water throughout the day.
one place you should keep eyes peeled for what we're 'millinspiration', it's Ladies Cheltenham.
The play spaces are set up near a couch, coffee table and TV (convenient for older children who want to pass the time while their parents shop) and sit out of the way of customers looking through nearby carpet samples, while close enough that it's easy for parents to keep eyes on their kids as they shop.
12 ( ANI ): Japanese optical company has created the perfect solution for dry eyes - 'wink glasses' - that force computer users to blink at regular intervals to keep eyes moist.