keep distance

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keep (one's) distance

1. To maintain physical distance between oneself and someone or something. Keep your distance, everyone. There is a downed wire here. He better keep his distance from that bear.
2. To limit engagement or association (or the appearance thereof) between oneself and someone or something. Politicians have been quick to keep their distance from the senator ever since news of her scandal broke.
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keep one's distance (from someone or something)

Fig. to maintain a respectful or cautious distance from someone or something. Keep your distance from John. He's in a bad mood. Keep your distance from the fire.
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However impossible it may be, the dream enables a man to keep distance from himself, that is, to reflect upon himself.
Schools should also keep distance among students, the ministry said.
They began to spread out and keep distance from one another.
Nannies, servants, and other "uncivilized" women had better keep distance, Nature had endowed the mother with a special educational talent he stated, following Jean-Jacques Rousseau and in accordance with Victorian gender stereotypes.
This preventative approach seeks to keep distance between humans and mice, a carrier commonly in contact with people.
He appealed to the nation to keep distance from the elements spreading unrest in the country.
Warning: Keep distance from the Bornean orangutans as they're liable to spit at you, particularly when they're in a sulky mood-and their spitting distance is just incredible.
For security reasons, a forest guard accompanied him, but he used to keep distance from the television host in the jungle.
Cutely, Menzel took her younger sister, a second grade teacher, to the Oscars as her date ("Frozen" is about two sisters who are best friends, but have to keep distance because of Elsa's uncontrollable powers).
Washington, November 14 ( ANI ): Men in committed relationships who are given the hormone oxytocin choose to keep distance from an attractive women they have just met, according to new research.
Such a move would keep distance between himself and Price until a European or world title is on the line when their rivalry has intensified and the clamour for the fight has increased.
Keep distance from other vehicles and maintain the speed limit," he advised.
As a matter of fact, each colour has its own beauty and impact on the artwork, but for me, I like to keep distance with this colour, maybe because my artwork shows a sense of gladness and mirrors the meaning of spontaneous good spirits.