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keep (a) count (of someone or something)

To learn and remember how many people or things are present in a given situation. Mr. Smith, will you please keep a count of the students as they board the bus? A: "And how many people entered the shop on the day of the robbery?" B: "I don't know, I wasn't keeping count." You'll need to keep count of your taxi rides and meals during the trip so that you can make an accurate expense claim when you're back.
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keep (a) ˈcount (of something)

know how many there are of something: Make sure you keep count of all the phone calls you make so you can claim the money back later.
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Yeah, right a" Hollywood has made ( and remade) this story so many times in so many different ways, that you're simply too tired to keep count.
She says: "I can feel the vibration of the music through the floor and once I have the beat I keep count in my head so that I stay in time with the other dancers.
Aa LIVERPOOL are not going to give up in their chase for Gareth Barry - the Reds are set to launch yet another bid (anyone been able to keep count how many knockbacks they've had yet?
But we're going to bring Porky into play again this season and this time we're going to keep count and name Backworth's Queen of the Sand 2007.
The sensors also keep count automatically on the LCD scoreboard.
The deal is the goal, and the money is the way to keep count of their goal," said one of the investment bankers.
The sensor's output can be used with most counters or totalizers to keep count of the containers.
The city's Health Department does not keep count of the rat population but some estimates put the number at six rats for every city resident.
It is important to keep count of their pitches in the bullpen and to assess their effort level, even if they are not scheduled to throw that day.
Nevertheless, new recycling ventures are springing up so fast, especially in HDPE and commingled resins, that it's hard to keep count.