keep cool

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keep (one's) cool

To maintain control of one's composure, temper, or nerve in a given situation. He really kept his cool when the waiter dropped his food. I tried to keep my cool during the interview, but I was extremely nervous the whole time.
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keep cool

1. To stay calm and composed. You know they're going to try to antagonize you during the debate, so just keep cool. I always try to keep cool when dealing with the cable company.
2. Literally, to not get overly hot, as in hot weather. A: "How have you been during this brutal heat wave?" B: "Oh, keeping cool, thanks to the air conditioning in the office."
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(I've) been keeping cool.

 and (I've been) keeping cool.
Inf. an answer to a question about what one has been doing during very hot weather. Jane: How do you like this hot weather? Bill: I've been keeping cool. Mary: Been keeping cool? Bob: Yeah. Been keeping cool.
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(Have you) been keeping cool?

 and (Have you been) keeping cool?; You been keeping cool?
Inf. an inquiry about how someone is surviving very hot weather. Tom: What do you think of this hot weather? Been keeping cool? Sue: No, I like this weather just as it is. Mary: Keeping cool? Bill: Yup. Run the air-conditioning all the time.
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keep cool

Inf. to stay calm and undisturbed. Relax, man, keep cool! If Sally could just keep cool before a race, she could probably win.
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keep one's cool

Inf. to remain calm and in control. Relax, man! Just keep your cool. It's hard to keep your cool when you've been cheated.
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keep cool

Also, keep a cool head; stay cool; be cool; (take it cool). Remain calm and under control, as in Keep cool, they'll soon show up, or Be cool, the surprise is not spoiled, or You have to keep a cool head in these volatile situations, or Sit tight, take it cool, they won't bother you again. All these terms employ cool in the sense of "not heated by strong emotion," a usage dating from the late 1300s or even earlier. The first three expressions are colloquial and date from the second half of the 1800s; both of the last two are slang, and the very last (take it cool) is the oldest, first recorded in 1841. Also see keep one's cool; play it cool.
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keep your cool

COMMON If you keep your cool, you control your temper and stay calm in a difficult situation. Hilde's one of those born managers — keeps her cool in a crisis. I knew I had to keep my cool, but it was hard.
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keep cool

in. to keep calm. Now, keep cool. It’s going to be all right.
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oWhile it is true that we need to use air conditioning to keep cool in the summer, we can be more thoughtful about our habits by making sure that we reduce wasteful energy consumption,o said Tanzeed Alam, Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability, EWS-WWF.
I could go with Jude to the pool to keep cool, but pets aren't allowed.
In developing countries with hot climates, where air conditioning is costly, Cahaner thinks his featherless model could be highly cost-effective--the chickens keep cool and grow rapidly.
"We squirted each other with water from our bottles to keep cool."
If all these tactics fail and you are bitten, try to keep cool. Don't pull away.
New Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith was yesterday told to 'keep cool and stick at it' by his predecessor William Hague as he greeted him at the party's conference in Blackpool.
Keep cool on a hot summer day with these water games.
Like the two other kettles in the line -- the 1.8-quart Whistling Teakettle and the 2.2-quart Brittany/Traditionnelle Teakettle -- the new Demi Teakettle is made of porcelain enamel on steel and teatures phenolic knobs and locking, no-rust handles that keep cool even when the water inside is boiling.
When the thermometer climbs, what do you do to keep cool?Jump in the pool?
But there are other ways in the animal world to keep cool. Birds can bathe, find shade, and ruffle up their feathers to let the heat escape.
When he died, he left very little behind: a collection of flannel shirts that he wore even on the hottest summer days (scissoring off the sleeves to keep cool), an old bed, the radio on which he listened to baseball games, and that aluminum cup.
* To keep cool, dress in loose-fitting garments made of 100 percent cotton.
Trees never get as hot as asphalt because evaporation helps to moderate their temperature, much as a person perspires to keep cool. When plants wilt, the leaves are demanding more water than is available; if the demand continues, the plant may die.
A LITTLE sun on Denise and a paddling pool for the toes - these Loose Women know how to keep cool in the good weather.