steer/stay/keep clear

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stay clear

1. To remain physically out of the way (of someone or something). We're going to be loading equipment through these doors all morning, so please stay clear until we're done. You've got to stay clear of the workers while they're laying the cement.
2. To keep away from or avoid interacting or dealing with (someone or something). Stay clear of the boss today—he's yelling at everyone he sees. The subway is running really late due to the strike, so I suggest you stay clear if you want to get to work on time.
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steer clear

To avoid (someone or something). Steer clear of the boss today—he's yelling at everyone he sees. The 8:00 train is always late, so steer clear if you want to be on time.
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steer clear (of someone or something)

to avoid someone or something. John is mad at me, so I've been steering clear of him. Steer clear of that book. It has many errors in it.
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steer/stay/keep clear (of somebody/something)

avoid somebody/something: I’m trying to lose weight so I have to steer clear of fattening foods.It’s best to stay clear of the bank at lunchtimes as it gets very busy.
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References in classic literature ?
And in the meantime, if you can sit and talk with me of other things, for God's sake, stay and do so; but if you cannot keep clear of this accursed topic, then in God's name, go, for I cannot bear it."
Commander Farragut thought, and with reason, that it was better to remain in deep water, and keep clear of continents or islands, which the beast itself seemed to shun
Oddly enough it happened that the least satisfactory of Helen Ambrose's brothers had been sent out years before to make his fortune, at any rate to keep clear of race-horses, in the very spot which had now become so popular.
Everybody had shunned that locality from the day of my proclamation, but on the morning of the fourteenth I thought best to warn the people, through the heralds, to keep clear away -- a quarter of a mile away.
The slightest mention of anything relative to Willoughby overpowered her in an instant; and though her family were most anxiously attentive to her comfort, it was impossible for them, if they spoke at all, to keep clear of every subject which her feelings connected with him.
'Keep clear of her, my dear fellow; she's the most heartless creature living.' The friend took my part; he said, 'I don't agree with you; the young lady is a person of great sensibility.'
I have done my best to keep clear of the two vanities--the vanity of depreciating and the vanity of praising my own personal appearance.
Give my letter to Helen, and say whatever you feel yourself, but do keep clear of the relatives.
"What?" cries the carter, in so sharp a note that his very horse started; and then, "Well, mannie," he added, "it's nane of my affairs; but ye seem a decent-spoken lad; and if ye'll take a word from me, ye'll keep clear of the Shaws."
"With the whole county to hang a man in," expostulated Joe, "you might keep clear of Carr's woods."
"He is nothing to me otherwise; I would not cry him up on any personal ground--I would keep clear of that."
He felt that there was an intrigue at the bottom of it, whether comedy or tragedy; he was at his wit's end at not being able to fathom it, but in the meanwhile wished to keep clear.
A fallen log gave me an instant's advantage, for climbing upon it I leaped to another a few paces farther on, and in this way was able to keep clear of the mush that carpeted the surrounding ground.
Ere they returned to camp he knew enough to stop at "ho," to go ahead at "mush," to swing wide on the bends, and to keep clear of the wheeler when the loaded sled shot downhill at their heels.
A man should make sacrifices to keep clear of doing a wrong; sacrifices won't undo it when it's done.