keep chair

keep one's chair

 and keep one's seat
Fig. to stay seated; to remain in one's chair or place. That's all right. Keep your chair. I'll find my own way out. Please keep your seats until after the question-and-answer period.
See also: chair, keep
References in classic literature ?
Upon my soul you are a happy fellow, who have not been in town above a fortnight, and can keep chairs waiting at your door till two in the morning.
A restaurant sign said: "Please keep chair on position and keep table cleaned after dying.
Abdalova pointed out that " Kurdistan Democratic Party sacrifice all national gains and achievements of Kurdish issue in order to keep chair of presidency of Massoud Barzani," he said.
Dedicate one key person to keep chair production on a roll and put someone else in charge of this new venture.
We used to keep chairs and table outside so that customers could sit and enjoy their food.
Keep chairs a good distance from the corners of other furniture, mantels, shelves or pillars.