keep about

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keep someone or something about

 and keep someone or something around
to have someone or something nearby habitually. Try to keep some spare parts about. He doesn't work very hard, but we keep him around anyway.
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References in classic literature ?
By this time to- morrow, I shall remove a veil that perhaps it has been weakness to keep around me and my allaus so long.
We keep around 50 young people off the streets every week of the year and are a 'not for profit' organisation.
The cabin is falling down, and will sadly be demolished this fall as it is no longer safe to keep around.
Therefore, we wanted to keep around 2,000 out of the 4,000 units in THOE," Kleindienst told Zawya Projects.
But we'll keep around the team and decide if he'll play or not.
Cuyegkeng said with the markets "practically discounting" a US Federal Reserve interest rate increase this week, the peso is seen to keep around current levels.
Although the new deal is a sure sign that Parke is a man the UFC want to keep around, the Bushmills fighter insisted he couldn't afford to rest on his laurels.
It would be cool if she found someone to keep around for a while.
Stockton Council has been able to keep around PS300,000 in Government funding from the PS3.
Farmers would keep around 2 lakh tonnes for their own use, and the remaining paddy is sold out through state-owned procurement centres.
has reportedly agreed in recent weeks to let Iran keep around 6,500 centrifuges, and all constraints on Iran's nuclear program would be lifted after 10 years.
The BSA and SOFA allow the United States and NATO to keep around 13,000 troops in Afghanistan.
Perhaps frame some special pictures of her to keep around the house.
Ellinas said that, under its business principle, Noble tends to keep around 40 per cent of the working interest in concessions, thus spreading the risk.