keep an/your eye on somebody/something

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keep an eye on someone or something

 and have an eye on someone or something; keep one's eye(s) on someone or something; have one's eye on someone or something
Fig. to watch someone or something; to monitor someone or something closely. I have my eye on the apple tree. When the apples ripen, I'll harvest them. Please keep an eye on the baby. Will you please keep your eye on my house while I'm on vacation?
See also: eye, keep, on

keep an/your ˈeye on somebody/something

take responsibility for somebody/something; make sure that somebody/something is safe: It’s my job to keep an eye on how the money is spent.Keep an eye on my bag while I go and make a phone call, will you?
See also: eye, keep, on, somebody, something

keep an eye on

1. To watch over attentively; mind.
2. To watch closely or carefully: keep your eye on the ball.
See also: eye, keep, on