keep abreast of

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keep abreast of something

To remain closely informed about something; to follow the developments of something or some situation. As a news correspondent for the region, it's my job to keep abreast of any changes in the political landscape here. The boss likes to keep abreast of all our projects, even down to the most mundane detail.
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keep abreast of

Stay or cause to stay up-to-date with, as in He's keeping abreast of the latest weather reports, or Please keep me abreast of any change in his condition. This term alludes to the nautical sense of abreast, which describes ships keeping up with each other. [Late 1600s]
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keep aˈbreast of something

make sure that you know all the most recent facts about a subject: It is almost impossible to keep abreast of all the latest developments in computing.
See also: abreast, keep, of, something
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To help keep abreast of this rapidly evolving market, we have launched the second edition of Global BWA Operators wallchart, providing coverage of 174 leading broadband wireless operators and 24 equipment vendors around the globe.
With WiMAX World, we are bringing the global wireless and mobile broadband community together, helping executives keep abreast of these fast-paced and emerging technologies.
These factors include governmental or other action relating to the Company's Chinese affiliate; the rate of customer demand for the Company's products; the Company's ability to successfully market new and existing products; its dependence on certain suppliers; domestic and foreign government regulation; its ability to keep abreast of technological innovations and to translate them into new products; competition; political and economic instability in certain markets, including the movements of foreign currencies relative to the dollar; and other risks and uncertainties disclosed from time to time in the Company's SEC reports and filings.
The Task Force was mobilized to map out industry scenarios and to keep abreast of federal, state, local, community and business planning initiatives to deal with a potential pandemic," Hall said.
It was established as an opportunity for pharmacists to keep abreast of changes in the profession and for alumni to visit their former teachers and new faculty.
Time constrains and productivity pressures are driving physicians to the Internet to keep abreast of medical knowledge.
I continue to be impressed with their meticulous nature and passion to keep abreast of regulatory and compliance issues.
Looking at the high quality of members and attendees, we know we're uniquely positioned to keep abreast of the up-to-the-minute thinking from some of the world's brightest minds.
It is very important for those involved in the manufacturing operation to keep abreast of the advances that are being made.
Any serious international business needs to keep abreast of these changes and to know how to take practical action.