keep a firm grip on

(redirected from keep a tight grip on)

keep a firm grip on someone or something

 and keep a tight grip on someone or something 
1. Lit. to hold on to someone or something tightly. As they approached the edge, Sally kept a firm grip on little Timmy. She kept a tight grip on him. Keep a firm grip on my hand as we cross the street.
2. Fig. to keep someone or something under firm control. The manager keeps a firm grip on all the employees. I try to keep a firm grip on all the accounts.
See also: firm, grip, keep, on
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Moves to set up a watchdog committee to keep a tight grip on staff levels at the Severn Trent Water Authority have been heavily defeated at its annual meeting.
CRAIG DUNLEA of champions Hawick and Boroughmuir's Ben Fisher keep a tight grip on the silverware yesterday as they and the eight other BT Scotland Premiership rugby representatives line up before tomorrow's big kick-off.
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