keep (one's)/a beady eye on (someone or something)

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keep (one's)/a beady eye on (someone or something)

To watch something very closely or carefully; to be particularly attentive to or vigilant about something. Used especially when one is distrustful or overly protective. The toddler kept a beady eye on his toys throughout the party, screaming at any child who dared to play with his things. One of the most difficult aspects of trying to curb the issue for law enforcement is that it's impossible for them to keep their beady eye on every corner of the dark web at once.
See also: beady, eye, keep, on

keep a beady ˈeye on somebody/something


have your beady ˈeye on somebody/something

watch somebody/something very carefully because you do not really trust them/it: He always kept a beady eye on his employees.
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Gregg Wallace and John Torode (above) keep a beady eye on the latest batch of hopefuls.
Despite Kate's concerned expression, she'll be hoping she doesn't need to keep a beady eye on real love Jon.
Once you have found the home of your dreams, micro manage it - keep a beady eye on everything and everyone and never assume they are just getting on with it.
Claudia's brother Andreas, 19, turned up to keep a beady eye on the lovebirds.
KEEP a beady eye on Bryan Smart and his new stable jockey Fergal Lynch.
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