keep (one's) eye(s) open (for someone or something)

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keep (one's) eye(s) open (for someone or something)

To remain vigilant or carefully watchful (for something or someone). They should be arriving any minute, so keep your eyes open. Keep your eye open for a birthday gift we could give your mother. Tell everyone to keep their eyes open for the health inspector. We heard she'll be doing a surprise inspection someday soon.
See also: keep, open, someone

keep one's eyes open (for someone or something)

 and keep one's eyes peeled (for someone or something)
Fig. to remain alert and watchful for someone or something. (The entry with peeled is informal. Peel refers to moving the eyelids back. See also keep an eye out (for someone or something).) I'm keeping my eyes open for a sale on winter coats. Please keep your eyes peeled for Mary. She's due to arrive here any time. Okay. I'll keep my eyes open.
See also: eye, keep, open

keep one's eyes open

Also, keep one's eyes peeled or skinned . Be watchful and observant. For example, We should keep our eyes open for a change in the wind's direction, or Keep your eyes peeled for the teacher. The first phrase dates from the late 1800s; the second and third, both colloquial and alluding to the lids not covering the eyes, date from the mid-1800s and 1830s, respectively.
See also: eye, keep, open

keep your eyes open

If you keep your eyes open for something, you look carefully at things in order to find something. Keep your eyes open for hostels advertised at bus and train stations.
See also: eye, keep, open

keep your eyes open (or peeled or skinned)

be on the alert; watch carefully or vigilantly for something.
See also: eye, keep, open

keep your ˈeyes open/peeled/skinned (for somebody/something)

watch carefully (for somebody/something): Keep your eyes peeled, and if you see anything suspicious, call the police immediately.
See also: eye, keep, open, peel, skinned

keep (one's) eyes

To be on the lookout.
See also: eye, keep
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