keep (an amount of) balls in the air

keep (an amount of) balls in the air

To have a number of different activities in progress; to deal with or oversee several different things at once. Rather than focusing on a single project, Tara prefers to keep a number of balls in the air at once. I'm not surprised he's so burnt out—he was keeping way too many balls in the air at the same time. You can't keep all these balls in the air and expect to stay successful for long—you need to delegate some of these tasks to lower management.
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keep balls in the air


juggle balls in the air

If you keep a lot of balls in the air, you deal with many different things at the same time. They had trouble keeping all their balls in the air. In management terms, they were trying to do too much and things were starting to break down. I really am juggling a hundred balls in the air at the same time and it isn't easy. Note: This expression uses the image of juggling, where someone has to keep throwing and catching a number of balls at the same time.
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