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have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock

To be crazy; to act, think, or behave in an eccentric, foolish, or nonsensical manner. Primarily heard in Australia. Tommy must have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock if he thinks he can convince our mother to let him get a tattoo for his birthday. There's an old lady who stands on the corner yelling at strangers all day. I think she might have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.
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kangaroo court

An unofficial court or a court that disregards current laws and conducts unfair trials. People who live under oppressive regimes are often treated harshly by corrupt kangaroo courts that don't abide by the law.
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kangaroo court

a bogus or illegal court. Is this a staff meeting or a kangaroo court? You have turned this interview into a kangaroo court.
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kangaroo court

A self-appointed tribunal that violates established legal procedure; also, a dishonest or incompetent court of law. For example, The rebels set up a kangaroo court and condemned the prisoners to summary execution, or That judge runs a kangaroo court-he tells rape victims they should have been more careful . This expression is thought to liken the jumping ability of kangaroos to a court that jumps to conclusions on an invalid basis. [Mid-1800s]
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a kangaroo court

A kangaroo court is a court that is created quickly and is not official, and often not fair. All kinds of strange people appeared to testify in the kangaroo court which the newspapers had set up. I've been shot at, beaten up my military police, and sentenced to life imprisonment by a kangaroo court.
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have kangaroos in your top paddock


have kangaroos in the top paddock

If you say that someone has kangaroos in their top paddock or has kangaroos in the top paddock, you mean that they have strange ideas or are crazy. Some people think I must have a few kangaroos in the top paddock. Note: Roos can be used instead of kangaroos. A guy who pretends to understand women has got roos in his top paddock. Compare with have bats in the belfry. Note: A paddock is a small field next to a farm or stable. The idea is of having wild animals there instead of farm animals.
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have kangaroos in the (or your) top paddock

be mad or eccentric. Australian informal
1985 Peter Carey Illywacker ‘And he was a big man too, and possibly slow-witted.’ ‘Leichhardt?’ ‘No, Bourke…He had kangaroos in his top paddock.’
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