be kacking it

slang To be very nervous, anxious, or fearful. A euphemistic variant of the more common (and more vulgar) expression "be shitting it." It was my first performance in front of a live audience, so I was kacking it all day long beforehand. The boss said he wants to talk to me in private later on today, and now I'm kacking it that I'm going to get fired!
See also: kacking


1. noun, slang Trash, rubbish, or waste. I want to do a big cleanup of the house and get rid of all the kack we don't use anymore.
2. noun, slang Excrement. A: "Ew, what's that smell?" B: "I think someone's got kack on their shoes."
3. noun, slang Gunk, goop, or crud. Yuck, I'm not smearing that kack on my skin! The plumber discovered that a layer of foul-smelling kack had started forming around the inner walls of the pipes.
4. noun, slang By extension, that which is useless, baseless, or worthless. Oh, that's just a bunch of old kack. Don't believe a word of it! This used to be a reputable website for news about science, but now it's just full of clickbait kack.
5. verb, slang To defecate. I nearly kacked my pants from fright!
6. verb, slang To kill (someone). I heard the mob kacked him for talking to the police.


See cack