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juxtapose someone or something to someone or something

to place people or things next to each other, in any combination. (Also implies that the placing or arranging is done carefully.) I went to the meeting room early so I could juxtapose myself to the head of the table. I juxtaposed the chair to the view out the window.
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The appositional theme is further carried out in the music, which juxtaposes haunting traditional fidle and bagpipe by Alisdair Fraser and the spunky urban folk style of Ashley Maclsaac.
Ashley Page's latest work for the Royal Ballet, Two-Part Invention, juxtaposes two very different scores: Prokofiev's Fifth Piano Concerto and Robert Moran's 32 Cryptograms for Derek Jarman--a minimalist piece that lasts just under ten minutes.
At one point he juxtaposes this questionnaire with the rendering of an abstract facade painting for a high rise.
In City Water Tunnel #3, her one-woman show produced by Dancing in the Streets, she juxtaposes staggering technical statistics (physical and financial
Shooting into and out of the buses' windows to mobilize both reflection and transparency, Wood juxtaposes interior and exterior, multiplying space to turn the image into a sort of magic box that, mysteriously, is bigger on the inside than on the outside.
Central Toilet' juxtaposes the uptight surface behavior of Corporate America with the very personal act of using a toilet," she says.
He marshals the most varied elements of popular culture--spray paint, album titles--to refer in some sense to painting, and juxtaposes these references with the "place" of painting: in storage.
Another, "The Ultimate Online Music Retail Guide," juxtaposes the top online music stores, comparing services and Web-related esthetics for music surfers.
Taking its title from the first modern atlas--Antwerp cartographer Abraham Ortelius's 1570 Theatrum orbis terrarum, printed in what is today the Museum Plantin-Moretus--this exhibition juxtaposes works by thirty-six international artists with a selection of major atlases from the golden age of Flemish and Dutch cartography.
The two properties, totaling 13,800 hectares are located on the "Pontes E Lacerda Trend" a northwest-southeast trending major structural lineament that juxtaposes Precambrian (Proterozoic) metasediments to the southwest against a basement Archean craton to the northeast.