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juxtapose someone or something to someone or something

to place people or things next to each other, in any combination. (Also implies that the placing or arranging is done carefully.) I went to the meeting room early so I could juxtapose myself to the head of the table. I juxtaposed the chair to the view out the window.
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Set in Dallas, Texas, the film juxtaposes an ordinary, middle class, church-going gay couple against a homophobic, reactionary young man and his co-horts.
Faust/Romeo Et Juliette juxtaposes each line of the original French dialogue with a pronunciation guide for the French indicating which phrases are stressed in performance, and the English translation.
Bahrani's camera often lingers on Razvi's haunted eyes and frequently juxtaposes the man against the Manhattan skyline, crushed against the weight of the city and the absurdity of existence.
Examining postcolonial dreams gone awry, Michele Magema's two-channel DVD installation Oye Oye, 2002, juxtaposes the artist's torso, marching in the Congolese uniform she wore as a child when her parents fled Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1983 as political refugees, with montaged footage of group dances performed during dictator Mobutu Sese Seko's "national authenticity" campaign.
Written with the ambitiousness of Homer and reminiscent of the way Gwendolyn Brooks juxtaposes contextual realities to societal norms, Derek Walcott's epic The Prodigal: A Poem is an engaging intellectual voyage written in three parts and 18 cantos, presenting imagery-driven landscapes from America to Europe to the Caribbean.
Her tale juxtaposes the slow demise of the innocent woman whose life was shattered by a man who should have been her protector.
Dark and dense, underpinned by dissonant piano, the music juxtaposes sharply with Eitzel's surprisingly optimistic lyrics, which invite listeners to lift tambourines and maracas, celebrate till dawn, and brutish hatred.
In the final chapter he juxtaposes Wright's Native Son and his close friend and fellow radical Nelson Algren's Somebody in Boots, two "antibuddy narratives" that offer a sympathetic but sharply critical portrayal of Communist interracial alliances.
Miller juxtaposes Ben Jonson, Freud, and Lacan, whose common dream of the "spectral son" represents the originary dream of a culture founded on filial sacrifice, "a distinctly homosocial masculine pathos" (231), and "the unmourned, unrelinquished object of a forbidden desire" (255).
99) which juxtaposes technical terms, practical information and snippets of history in a somewhat surreal sequence: Vitruvius finding himself next to Vitrified, Wave crest next to Watersoluble glues.