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Still our old question of the comparative advantage of justice and injustice has not been answered: Which is the more profitable, to be just and act justly and practise virtue, whether seen or unseen of gods and men, or to be unjust and act unjustly, if only unpunished and unreformed?
In spite of the old man's complaints, it was evident that he was proud, and justly proud, of his prosperity, proud of his sons, his nephew, his sons' wives, his horses and his cows, and especially of the fact that he was keeping all this farming going.
No, no, Bessy; I didn't mean justly the mole; I meant it to stand for summat else; but niver mind--it's puzzling work, talking is.
That's the worst on't wi' crossing o' breeds: you can never justly calkilate what'll come on't.
He said he would provide fund to each union council justly to solve the problems of his constituency and if the same fund was not utilized justly, the committee would be responsible in this regard he added.
CNS Provides Justly With Comprehensive Data From More Than 2,000 Courts Around The Country, Spanning All 50 States
Lord Justice Beatson, sitting with Mr Justice Spencer and Judge Nicholas Cooke QC, told the court: "This was obviously a stern sentence, but we consider it was justly stern.
Teheran/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iranian Chairman of the Legislative Authority Sadiq Larijani called his Iraqi counterpart Midhat al-Mahmoud to hand over the anti-Iranian members of Mujahidi Khalq to be "tried justly in Iran", as reported by local Iranian media organs.
He explained with the verse, "And thus We have made you a justly balanced Ummah, to be witnesses [for Allah] to people, and the messenger as a witness [for Allah] to you C*" [2:143] He explained, "He Made you" not by chance, not a natural social evolution, not a result of your wisdom, Allah made you to embody this just balance, he made you a justly balanced Ummah, not nation with common history, ethnicity, geographic boundaries," he said.
Interestingly, in the third part of A Theory of Justice, where Rawls was concerned with the stability of his conception of justice, we find Rawls asking whether people who have a sense of justice would also have adequate reason to act justly even if they were to evaluate their situation from a self-interested perspective.
The impotence of the system to deal justly with this case.
Lemercier recently won the Cesar for supporting actress, justly so.
The US Marines have justly earned their honored reputation on nearly all of the nation's battlefields, and numerous boot camp epics over the years have shown the American public how the Corps sets about turning their boys into mature fighting men.
The sole legitimate function of delegated government is to protect the lives, liberty, and justly acquired property from cultural, political, and economic threats.
Addressing the archtypes of myth, from modern pop culture to Ovid to Grimm's fairy tales, Gailey weaves words expressing the hearts of shunned, reviled, justly and unjustly treated villainesses and female victims of fable.