just want to say

(I) just want(ed) to say something.

 and (I) just want(ed) to mention something.; (I) just want(ed) to tell you something.
a sentence opener that eases into a statement or question. (Can be followed by words like say, ask, tell you, be, and come.) Rachel: I just wanted to say that we all loved your letter. Thank you so much. Andrew: Thanks. Glad you liked it. Rachel: I just wanted to tell you how sorry l am about your sister. Alice: Thanks. I appreciate it. Andrew: Just wanted to come by for a minute and say hello. Tom: Well, hello. Glad you dropped by.
See also: just, say, want
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Just want to say you'll always be remembered, your flame will always burn bright.
I am here 364 days a year and I just want to say a big thank you for all the goodwill I get from the people of Sutton every year," he said.