just goes to show

go to show

To prove, demonstrate, or indicate that something is true. Used especially in the phrase "just goes to show." Their success just goes to show that you can't underestimate the power of good marketing. My grandfather's pocket watch still runs perfectly after all these years, which goes to show the level of craftsmanship put into it.
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(It) just goes to show (you) (something).

That incident or story has an important moral or message. Tom: The tax people finally caught up with Henry. Sally: See! It just goes to show. Angry at the young grocery clerk, Sally muttered, "Young people. They expect too much. It just goes to show you how society has broken down."
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goes to show life on the be if he is this for a the night "This just goes to show how tough life on the streets must be if someone is willing to do this for a bed for the night." The details were also posted on Twitter by police, provoking a strong reaction.
It just goes to show how wonderful the National Health Service is: this is after I have gained three further O-levels to add to the seven I attained before my accident, a BTEC in administration and a degree in humanities.
It just goes to show how ruthless Fair City writers can be.
She said: "It just goes to show that anyone, prepared to work hard, can learn new skills and achieve what they want to.
It just goes to show, you get badly behaved people everywhere.
It just goes to show how nothing inspires tolerance like need.
DAMIEN Johnson's goal against Albion was very well taken but it just goes to show how much Blues are held back by Steve Bruce.
"That's 100 per cent from the work we've done here in Sudbury, and it just goes to show you what's available here."
The fact that many of the Madryn street houses have been extended or had rooms partitioned to provide six rooms, as Mary Huxham rightly suggests, just goes to show how flexible this type of housing really is.
The new finding "just goes to show you how marvelously clever nature is at blocking enzyme activity," says Brown.
"Just goes to show you what you can accomplish when you surround yourself with a great support staff and you're willing to work 75 hours a week," joked Ms.
Just goes to show, superheroes come in all shapes and sizes!
It just goes to show that the sports world is still having a terrible time dealing with sexual orientation."
Some stuffy royalists will say it just goes to show how the monarchy and command performances have dived down market.
Just goes to show, for every problem comes our way, there is an opposite and equal bright side.