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As Nancy Pelosi swears in as America's first female Democratic Whip, Bay Area confectioner Just Desserts has shown its support by delivering more than 450 of its Classic American Cakes to every member of the House and other leaders in the Capitol.
Straight from the heart of San Francisco, Just Desserts has deep roots in the American city best known for culinary excellence and progressive politics.
Just Desserts will give a fair and equal representation of all dessert-loving constituencies: Chocolate Cakes will be delivered along with Lemon, Carrot, Mocha Cream and Berries and Cream.
Hoffman and Horvath are introducing their award-winning cakes to the national marketplace, with the mission of "Liberty and Just Desserts for all.
Having just signed the business documents on April 1, two celebrated San Francisco traditions -- Just Desserts and Tassajara Bakery -- will symbolically become one as Abbott Reb Anderson of the San Francisco Zen Center performs a traditional Zen Ceremony of "new beginnings," Saturday, May 2, 1992, 1 p.
Michael Wenger, president of the San Francisco Zen Center, and Elliot Hoffman, president of Just Desserts, will be on hand during the afternoon celebration.
Just Desserts and Tassajara finalized the business side of the merger April 1, but this ceremony will celebrate the philosophical affinity that led to the merger.
CONTACT: Hatti Hamlin of the Montgomery Group, 415-391-3040, for Just Desserts; or Jennifer Donohue of Just Desserts, 415-330-3600.
With a motto of "Changing the world -- one cake at a time," San Francisco's beloved local dessert company Just Desserts has moved across the Bay this month into a new 65,000-square-foot bakery plant with the intent of becoming the leading purveyor of all-natural super-premium "American Classic" cakes.
The first Just Desserts cake of Oakland origin will roll off the decorating line this month and will head straight for the brand-new $500,000 flash freezer unit as part of the company's launch of its new wholesale "thaw/sell" in-store bakery product line to grocery stores across the country.