just around the corner

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(a)round the corner

1. In close proximity to another location. Said especially when traveling by car, often when literally approaching a corner. The store isn't far from here, it's just around the corner.
2. Imminent or likely to happen very soon. My little brother believes that an alien invasion is right around the corner and that we should prepare ourselves for life on another planet. Our company is devoted to the self-driving car and believes that its widespread use is right around the corner.
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just around the corner


just round the corner

COMMON If something is just around the corner or just round the corner, it is going to happen very soon. With summer just around the corner, there couldn't be a better time to treat your home to a bright new look. General elections, of course, are just round the corner. Note: Around the corner and round the corner are also used in other structures and expressions with a similar meaning. Fearful that war was right around the corner, they promptly began to buy in extensive stores of food. There is a lot of concern about what may lie around the next corner.
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just around/round the ˈcorner

very near; soon to happen: We have been trying to develop the new drug for years, and now that success is just around the corner, the work must not be stopped.
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A charming and wonderful story about how new friends could be just around the corner.
Just Around The Corner: A Baby Boomer's Guide To A Career Or Job Change by teacher, writer, artist, human resources consultant, and baby boomer Barbara Grahn is a self-help guide to revitalizing one's career, whether by embarking upon a brand new life choice or finding passion in one's current job.
The oft-remarked process of globalization--in art no less than commerce--isn't a phenomenon taking hold someplace far away but just around the corner from where you live.
Mandatory courses returned with a vengeance, freshman composition classes were becoming vehicles for what would soon be known as political correctness, and strident speech codes were just around the corner. Weigel charts how this remarkable turnaround happened and underscores the larger implications of the new nanny university: "The stiffening of campus law also illustrates the trend toward greater control of adults' personal behavior" in contemporary America.
The League's 46th biennial Convention is just around the corner, and League members can access information and materials in the Convention Section of the Members Site before, during and after the Convention.
He'd heard about Emmett Till, the 14-year-old black boy who had been murdered just around the corner from Greenwood in 1955 for being fresh to a white woman.
While Tournament Madness is just around the corner, the enthusiasm, excitement, and momentum are building around college basketball.
Yet, to hear Sir David Tweedie describe it, convergence could be just around the corner. Well, around some corner, some time--and on some items, sooner than on others.
The big 4-0 is just around the corner for Mariah Pijeaux.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you can choose new titles celebrating all kinds of love, from the fickle romantic variety to the undying devotion you reserve for your pets.
Just around the corner, crews are hard at work filming sequences for the television version of the turn-of-the-century family drama, Pit Pony.
The unknown is always only just around the corner and there is no escaping what it may contain--bereavement, illness, unemployment.
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