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junkyard dog

An especially nasty, vicious, or savage person or animal (especially a dog). Of a person, often used in the phrase "meaner than a junkyard dog." Though he's always polite when he's in public, Tim's husband is meaner than a junkyard dog behind closed doors. That standard poodle may look cute and fluffy, but it's a junkyard dog, you can be sure about that.
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meaner than a junkyard dog (with fourteen sucking pups)

Rur. cruel; eager to fight. Don't mess with her. She's meaner than a junkyard dog with fourteen sucking pups. They say Jim's meaner than a junkyard dog, but really, he's a sweetheart.
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The municipality had repeatedly announced plans to relocate the junkyard to city outskirts.
The Vermont Legislature tightened regulation of junkyards last year.
Bill's "no name" engine, another junkyard find, is a real mystery.
Souza said, is the lack of a definition for a junkyard or automobile graveyard.
We visited places like junkyards to look for ideas for the characters and the movie's setting.
forces smashed down the gates of homes and the doors of workshops and junkyards .
Today these vehicles from the 1970s that were formerly abandoned in junkyards are being rescued and restored," said Hagerty.
Also, it's not clear to me what the effect will be on the general environment as we accumulate millions of airbags in junkyards around the world.
This structure is an ingenious and dynamic invention bristling with projecting timber, haphazardly angled planes, flying pieces of metal and odd pieces salvaged from junkyards, visibly assembled with screws and brackets from the local hardware store.
He has produced a book and two videos, and has presented his audio, video and performance work in art galleries, bookstores, rock clubs, theatres and junkyards throughout the United States.
A EPD spokesman said here Saturday that the anti-dengue teams checked 7,266 shops and 2,029 junkyards and found dengue larva at 38 sites.
The EPA teams visited 5610 sites including 3032 tyre shops and 2578 junkyards.
Chaman, a border city near Pak-Afghan border is not the only junkyard for stolen vehicles in Balochistan, but there are reports for presence of many such junkyards in different areas of the province.
I love going to swap meets, junkyards, anything like that -- dumpster diving.
A macho female magickal childe whose parents, siblings, babysitters, and alter egos smoke too much pot; a coolly uncool troller in the junkyards, souvenir shops, dens, and bedrooms of an ur-'70s California of the mind; a savvy navigator of the lineage of hyperreal figurative sculpture that plays oedipal anxiety against consumerist ennui: The sensibility animating Liz Craft's busy roomful of cast bronze objects was all these.